Therese Walsh-Van Keuren

I envision a world of change in the health of all people by the systematic education and implementation of using Nature’s Pharmacy for healing and supporting the body, mind and spirit. Entering the stream of 5000 years of recorded observable and natural phenomenon, I honor my position as a transmitter of the knowledge of Chinese Medicine to the people who are seeking wholeness through health and well-being, administering to those in need, using all of the modalities for creating the free flow of qi, which promotes health in all beings. My mission as a true chi health detective allows me to find all the clues the body offers in the form of symptom expression and interpret them accurately and offer treatment solutions to bring the body back into homeostatic balance.

To be an inspirational force in supporting an avenue for change towards better health, better education, utilizing ethical and ecological health business practices in the lives of patients, customers, clients, friends and families throughout the world.