Surya Bhatti

Dr. Surya Bhatti, DC

“The closer you walk towards nature, the happier and the healthier you become” — Dr. Surya Bhatti, DC

Being a firm advocate in individualized holistic care, Dr. Surya Bhatti pursued his Chiropractic Doctorate through Palmer College of Chiropractic with postgraduate speciality in Functional Medicine through Kharrazian Institute. He is also pursuing postgraduate studies in Functional Neurology. He believes that in order to balance one’s health and wellness, a person’s pillar of physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being should be addressed harmoniously.

Dr. Bhatti enjoys working with: athletes, patients with musculoskeletal pain, those interested in physical recovery and injury prevention, and patients’ who are interested in exploring diet, lifestyle, nutrition, and physical or brain rehabilitation options for their general wellness or health disorders related to their gut, brain, balance, mood, skin, food sensitivities, fatigue, thyroid, autoimmunity, blood sugar or other similar health disorders.

There is no miracle cure to being well. Rather health is defined by one’s everyday choices, environment, and epigenetics factors. Dr. Bhatti attributes wellness to be built upon the compounding effects of one’s everyday investments. He resonates with the saying that if we don’t make time for our well being, we will be forced to make time for our illness. One of his career goals is to help his patients make mindful choices in all four pillars of their health and wellness.

Fun fact: Dr. Bhatti always wanted to be a monk ever since he was child and wished to devote his energy towards meditation and in the art of letting go. He ultimately wants to reach his goal to connect to his higher self.