Marianne Nielsen

Marianne Nielsen DC, DACNB

I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 1991 and started my practice in Los Gatos shortly thereafter. I have always specialized in noon force spinal adjustments and cranial adjustments since training with Dr David Denton in Vector Point Cranial Therapy.

I have learned many different techniques over the years, and blend what works for my patients, however the Vector point is the one technique that I always use -and have for 28 years now.
When my children were young I became interested in Chiropractic Neurology applied to Childhood developmental disorders. After finishing that course I kept going back for more neurology courses and have now completed more than 1500 hours of training, getting my certification as Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board along the way.

I am currently enrolled in an other Concussion /mTBI certification course, and have studied Vestibular disorders, eye movements and movement disorders ,Functional Neuro-Orthopedic rehabilitation and more. This gives me great insight into solving more complicated problems such as concussions and , and even more importantly , it gives me a whole different insight into the general chiropractic problems.